He is categorical that the borough council douse the fire by water.

He is categorical that the borough council douse the fire by water. 他很明确行政区委员会用水浇灭了火。 Earsplitting pandemonium cannot shake her inner repose. 震耳欲聋的嘈杂不能打破她内心的镇定平和。 Inordinate amount of tasks demoralize her. 超出合理限度的任务让她泄气。 The farmer particularized how to parch the chaff with serrate margins on the awning. She politely rebuffed that outlandish and spurious proposal. 农夫具体说明了如何在雨棚上烤干那些带有锯齿状边缘的麸皮。 Mulish criminal under an alias have a perfect alibi for that night and said that with an ingratiating smile. 使用花名的执拗的犯罪分子对那晚有着完美的不在场证明,带有奉承地微笑向我们诉说。 Though story line is excursive, the vignette and compendium are riveting. 尽管故事线散漫,但花絮和大纲非常吸引人。 Neither venial penalty nor reprieve is conducive to crime-prevention. 轻微的惩罚和缓刑都预防犯罪都没有效果。 The piddling salary aggrieved that man with recessive gene, on crutches. 微薄的薪水让那个带有隐性基因,拄着拐的男人非常苦恼。 Heartrending is a part of love. 心碎是爱的一部分。 Most TV kids we idolatrize are so cloying. 电视上我们奉为偶像的大部分童星都太让人腻烦。 Because of the sweltering and mercurial weather, she recently begun to slouch over the protective padding. 因为这酷热和变化无常的天气,最近她坐在防护衬垫前就开始变得无精打采的。 He broached that subject with a hangdog look. 他提起了那个话题,面带羞愧。 The technology regarding hi-fi earphones is a kind of metaphysics. 与高音质耳机相关的技术是一种玄学。 Coltish and puckish teenagers tried to besmirch his reputation and then smirked. 撒欢的,好恶作剧的青少年极力诋毁他的名誉,随后不怀好意地笑了。 The palatial mansion resounded with mirth. 富丽堂皇的公馆中充满了欢歌笑语。 A lover’s tiff and miff are inimical to their relationships. 情侣之间的小争吵和发脾气对他们的关系有害。 They climbed the garish purple-carpeted stairs with white enamel and then entered the raffish auditorium. 他们登上铺着俗艳的紫色地毯的楼梯,随后进入了俗丽的观众席。 Feral cats watch the shoals by stealth. 野猫暗中观察这些鱼群。 The man is a crook, telling an apocryphal story which is retouched for many times. 那个人是一个骗子,讲述了一个被润色许多遍的虚构的故事。 The ambrosial aroma of the roast stimulated our appetites. 烤肉的香气刺激了我们的食欲。 Congress received a scathing reproof that they shirked their responsibilities. 议会因逃避责任收到了严厉的谴责。 Venal politician gave the wrong nautical chart and issued a provisional license. 腐败的政客交出了错误的航海图并颁发了临时执照。 He said that he did not want to vouch for her in sepulchral tones. 他用阴森森的语气说他并不像为她担保。 He debunked the Christians who tried to proselytise people. 他指出那些极力改变别人宗教信仰的基督徒的错误。 The loutish, oafish and uncouth person with narcissism ran his fingers through his hair; it felt lank and dirty. 那个蠢笨粗野又自恋的家伙用手指梳了梳自己的头发,头发摸起来又油又脏。 She is brash and prudish, but rakish. 她很盛气凌人,过分正经却又不拘俗套。 Since time immemorial, we have had a pathological fear of snakes. 自远古以来我们就对蛇有着病态的恐惧。 The car took a lurch forward and then was pulverize by a boulder. 那辆车猛地向前一窜,随后被一块大石头完全损坏。 My distal end of nerve was necrotized and blood begun to congeal, after the surgery operated by that quack doctor. 在那个庸医的手术后,我的神经末梢坏死了,血液开始变稠。 The allegations ranged from the banal to the bizarre. 从平淡无奇到离奇百怪的各种说法都有。 The underdog in this race is temporizing and drawling. 这场竞赛中处于劣势的人正在拖延时间。 What absolute drivel! 一派胡言! Murat had looked into the eyes of the firing squad without flinching. 穆拉特毫不退缩地直视着执行枪决的行刑队员们的眼睛。 Man’s corporeal existence is a mawkish problem. 人的物质存在是一个多愁善感的问题。 The government is hoodwinked to accept his asylum application. 政府被欺骗接受了他的避难申请。 These two writers who received encomium from literacy critics seem coeval. 两位受到文学评论家的赞扬的作家似乎是同年代的人。 They are craven yokels, churls, rapscallions and wastrels with hedonism who perpetrated this crime and were exposed to public odium. 他们是有享乐主义的胆小懦弱的乡巴佬、粗鄙之人、流氓和二流子,犯了这个罪行,遭到公众的憎恨。 Voting to impose a one-year moratorium on nuclear testing was a modicum of success but caused dissension. 投票表决核试验暂停一年是一个小成功,但引来了争议。 The tribunal gave a verbatim report of the case. 法庭做了这个案件的一字不差的报告。 The boat was hit by a squall and water roiled. 船遇到了突起的大风,水激荡起来。 Building an egalitarian society is a conundrum. 建立人人平等的社会是一个难题。 The effluvium made him explode in a paroxysm of rage. 那股恶臭让突然勃然大怒。 The convulsion and maelstrom of ethnic hatreds sparked a civil war. 种族仇恨造成的骚乱与大动乱引起来内战。 The press is a sentinel of our liberty. 新闻界是捍卫我们自由的卫兵。 There is no interregnum between the death of one sovereign and the accession of the next. 君主死亡与下一君主继位之间不得有任何空位期。 He had the gall to suggest that he had antediluvian attitudes to woman. 她厚颜无耻地指出他有看待女性的旧观念。 Cronyism is prohibited by draconian censorship laws. 任人唯亲被严厉的监管法禁止。 The boy in trendy clothes had a tantrum and scowled at other people. 穿着时尚衣服的男孩发了脾气,怒视其他人。 Don and then doff their sodden hats. 戴上随后又脱下他们湿透了的帽子。 The salesman cozened me into buying crochet pullovers and cardigans. 推销员欺骗我买下了钩针编织的套头毛衣和羊毛衫。 A group of men looked wan and tired, swilling beer and eating avocados in a squalid hovel. 脸色苍白,面带倦容的一群男人在肮脏的茅舍里痛饮着啤酒,吃着牛油果。 If we do not leaven the traditional culture, the allure of it will begin to pall. 如果我们不让传统文化变得有趣,他的吸引力会消失。 The Stygian blackness of the truth that many refugees were sent to the incinerator made us annoyed and we held that this was not a condign punishment for this repugnant crime against humanity. 地狱般的许多难民被送进焚化炉的事实的黑暗让我们非常愤怒,我们坚信这不是对这种令人憎恶的反人类罪行适当的惩罚。 The daredevil parachutist from liberty legion preen himself before going out to battle. 来自自由联军的蛮勇的跳伞员在上战场前整理他的仪容。 I have a smattering of Russian and I think Russian President has a droll sense of humor. 我懂一点俄语,我认为俄国总统有一种滑稽古怪的幽默感。 The charlatan tried to flog me a villa. 骗子一个劲儿向我兜售一座乡间别墅。

Refractory scions and patricians disdain to make contributions to diocesan funds Tennis star's retinue pat his divestiture process in pavilion.


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