It's a pragmatic expedience to prevent the demise of traditional culture

It’s a pragmatic expedience to prevent the demise of traditional culture. 这是一个防止传统文化消亡的实用的权宜之计。 She is scruffy, sloppy and blithe but affable. 她很邋遢,邋遢,轻率却又和蔼。 That petulant and grouchy man quashed the commotion and denounced the defection. 易怒的、脾气不好的男人镇压了骚乱,公然抨击了背叛行为。 It’s one of the last redoubts of the traditional culture that is verging on extinction. 这是这种濒临灭绝的传统文化的最后的堡垒。 She bawled at Laura since she begrudged her. 她对Laura吼叫了起来,因为她妒忌Laura。 Are you insinuating that holding an ostentatious wedding reception is a figment? 你在暗示举办一个豪华的婚礼是一场幻觉? The crunchy crumb and lavender are carcinogens. 松脆的面包屑和薰衣草是致癌物质。 The candidate standing on the pew is quite unexceptionable, hence we shouldn’t admonish him. 在教堂长椅上站着的那个候选人无可指摘,因此我们不应该责骂他。 What an occult and surreal story! 多么超自然、超现实的一个故事啊! He dodged his duties without any compunction. 他没有任何愧疚地逃避了责任。 Armed incursions plundered the village and heisted the jewels and his house is destroyed in an inferno. 武装入侵者洗劫了村庄,抢走了珠宝,他的家也被大火灾摧毁。 That reticent man in fetters fulminated against prosecution by a pun. 那个带着脚镣的沉默寡言的男人用一个双关语猛烈第抨击了诉讼。 Some finicky and slick beggars pestered me for money and I think they are simpletons and reprehensible. 一些难讨好的和精明的乞丐缠着我要钱,我认为他们是白痴,应收责备。 The company accrued proceeds and finally extricate from financial crisis. 公司积累了收益,最终摆脱了经济危机。 That drunk man hobbled, crooning fitfully. 那个喝醉的男人步履蹒跚,断断续续地哼着歌。 The heretical ladies shriek and swoon at his every word. 他的每一句话都令那些异端的女士为之尖叫,为之痴狂。 That curmudgeon skulked in the car and we could see the contour of his body. 那个脾气很坏的人躲在车里,我们可以看见他身体的轮廓。 His arguement that murderers forfeit their own right to life is is just a bravado. 他的辩称杀人犯本身已经丧失了生存的权利只是虚张声势罢了。 Please slant a ladder against the wall, I am going to slog in the sludge and clean it with centrifugal machine. 请在墙上放一个梯子,我要在淤泥里艰难跋涉并用离心机清理它。 The cameo is ruined by a typo. 精彩的描写片段被一个打字错误毁了。 I had heard the grapevine that his valediction pertained to naval defense and he would summarize his points in his peroration. 我从小道消息得知,他的告别演说关于海军防卫并在结束语中总结自己的主要观点。 The remarkable virtuoso subjected to a fiasco. At the coronation, he spurned the advice about wearing a fawn sweater with many creases which had his name blazoned on it. 在加冕仪式上,他摒弃了穿一个有很多褶的浅黄褐色的带有纹章装饰他的名字的毛衣的建议。 Having own voliton and predilection is an oxymoron. 拥有自己的选择和爱好是个自相矛盾的说法。 The imbroglio is that this result has not met universal approbation. 错综复杂的局面是该结果尚未获得普遍认同。 Since sickness sapped her strength, she feels careworn all day and recalls the halcyon days of her youth. 因为疾病削弱了她的精力,所以她整天感到焦虑,并回忆年轻时的美好时光。 Research on protean varieties of the person’s subliminal expression and incantation is necessary. 研究人们多变的潜意识表情和咒语是必要的。

Ratiocination of anachronistic theory is unavailing and bootless Refractory scions and patricians disdain to make contributions to diocesan funds


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