Ratiocination of anachronistic theory is unavailing and bootless

Ratiocination of anachronistic theory is unavailing and bootless. 关于过时理论的推理是徒劳的、无用的。 The skinny and groggy gladiator flicked the cigarette, slinked away and prowled the streets. 瘦得皮包骨头的、虚弱的角斗士弹了一下烟,悄悄溜走了,在街上潜行。 Making reprisals against unarmed citizens is nefarious and aberrant. 向手无寸铁的市民展开报复行动是不道德的。 He had a dreadful attack of vertigo, so he begun to pat his head. The doctor tried to wean his off the sleeping pills. 他忽然头晕得厉害,所以他开始轻拍他的头部,医生设法让她戒掉安眠药。 The nascent industry is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy 新兴产业在破产的边缘徘徊。 These jabbering women have a skirmish over the budget. 就预算问题产生了小争执。 Helping defray the cost of the program is just a public relations gimmick. 帮助支付此项目的支出只不过是一种公关伎俩。 There’s a glut of agricultural products in Western Europe. 西欧的农产品供过于求。 The dapper man always bragging about his prowess as a cricketer. 他总是吹嘘自己板球水平高超。 US is lampooned for declining dollar which gave heart to skittish investors. 给总是担惊受怕的投资者们带来信心的衰落的美元让美国成为了受奚落的对象。 He looks taut and has been scrimping for a year, and he often pilfers food from store. We hold a blase attitude towards this. 他看起来很紧张,已经节衣缩食一年,而且他经常从商店里偷食物。我们对此见怪不怪。 The dog whose tail tapered to a rounded tip is tethered to the fence. 那条尾部越来越细,最后成了个圆尖的狗被拴在了篱笆上。 That election was marred by massive cheating and it was an error that would derogate from government’s reputation. Demonstrators booned and heckled. 大范围的舞弊破坏了那次选举,而且这将有损政府的名誉。示威者发出嘘声和责骂。 Ignorance is mere privation, and you gave me a specious answer. 无知是一种纯粹的贫乏,而且你给了我一个似是而非的答案。 Rain put a damper on our picnic plans, but she kept badgering me to go. 大雨阻止了我们的野餐计划,但她一直软磨硬泡要我去。 She heard a muffled cough behind her so she puckered her lips to express her displeasure. 她听到身后一声低沉的咳嗽,所以她撅起嘴来表示她的不满。 He sauntered along the river to the mill. 他沿着河边闲逛走到磨坊。 I have no rancor against him, but he keeps carping at me. 我对他无怨无仇,但他总是对我吹毛求疵。 He is a perspicacious and perceptive scientist, but a litte bit loquacious and dour on the dais. 他是一个敏锐、有洞察力的科学家,但是在讲台上有点喋喋不休和严厉。 The government parties may be tempted to throw a few sops to the right-wingers and give them a contrived compliment, but the this tactics could backfire. 执政党也许想对右翼人士施以小恩小惠和虚情假意的恭维,但是这样的策略可能会适得其反。 Please answer my questions quickly and properly, not palter with them. 请马上准备回答我的问题,不要含糊其辞。 Welter of conflicting rules were problems. It didn’t augur well and these developments forebode disaster. 一大批杂乱的互相冲突的规定是大问题,这不是好兆头,这些情况预示著要有灾祸。 He, a quack,was an imposter, who masqueraded as a doctor, and she was obviously malingering. 他是个冒牌医生,而且她明显是在装病。 Lots of people use television as their vicarious form of social life. 许多人从电视中间接感受社会生活。 Her veneer of composure cracked a little and it turned out to be that she was a spy who reconnoitered the coast. 她的表面镇定还是露出了破绽,结果是她是一个侦查海岸的间谍。 Most of the children were noisy and boisterous. 大多数孩子都又吵又闹。 Many guys have backslided during the university and they consequently become too frivolous, madcap and remiss to be qualified employees. 很多人在大学就堕落了,他们自然太过轻浮、愚昧和懈怠而不能胜任工作。 For decades the company was the bellwether of the British economy… 几十年来,这家公司一直是英国经济的晴雨表。 Throughout history, few positions have been quite so invidious as that of the tax collector. 纵观历史,很少有职位像税收员这样令人反感。 Their marriage was destroyed by licentious behavior and pernicious slur. 他们的婚姻毁于放荡淫乱行为和恶意诋毁。 We took a detour to come here. 我们绕道而来 Here is the nadir of my life, and now I’m terribly squeamish. He commiserated with me. 现在是我生命的最低谷,我现在非常容易受到惊吓。他向我表示同情。 They just cleave the stone along the cracks by lance. 他们就是用长矛顺着裂缝把石头劈开。 If they prove ineffective they should be demoted or asked to retire. 如果事实证明他们已无力胜任,应该将他们降级或让他们退休。 The urban crisis conflates a number of different economic, political, and social issues. Arms control should not be made into a surrogate for peace. 城市危机使若干不同的经济、政治和社会问题合成一个综合的问题。武器控制不应该用来替代和平。 Her latest novel was received with great eclat. 她最新的小说备受赞赏。 He glowered at me but said nothing, and I get jitters. 他怒视着我,却一言不发,我变得紧张不安。 Success comes from unremitting effects 成功来自于不断的努力 He appeared in the lounge brandishing a knife. 他挥舞着一把小刀,出现在休息室里。

Turncoats are no longer devout and ingenuous, and we should take an intransigent attitude towards them It's a pragmatic expedience to prevent the demise of traditional culture


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