Refractory scions and patricians disdain to make contributions to diocesan funds

Refractory scions and patricians disdain to make contributions to diocesan funds. 不服管束的小少爷们和贵族们不屑于给教区基金捐款。 It’s a maudlin paean to spartan lifestyle. 这是一个对简朴的生活方式的多愁善感的赞歌。 To hearken to his stentorian soliloquy could help release the press. 去聆听他洪亮的内心独白可以帮助他缓解压力。 A cynical hard-bitten journalist purloined the other’s private letters and parried questions on the allegations. 那个愤世嫉俗、铁石心肠的记者偷取其他人私信并且回避了关于指控的问题。 The travail is that a gargantuan proportion of children become wayward and their chaperones believe that the truth is antithetical. 难题是绝大部分的孩子变得任性,而且他们的家长持相反的观点。 The priest from an arcane church who owned an eclectic collection of paintings about nirvana had a mandate to exorcise the ghost but he reneged on the deal. 来自神秘教堂的神父拥有五花八门的关于极乐世界的画,并被授权去驱鬼,但他最后食言了。 It’s ostensible fact that industry is not attuned to the demands of the market. 表面上的事实是市场需求与工业不协调。 The doyen of political interviewers and paragons stood on the rostrum, agape and lionized. 资深的政治采访记者和杰出典范站在领奖台上,张着大嘴,被奉为名人。 He is headlong, doctrinaire and takes umbrage against anyone who criticises him. 不管谁批评他,他都心生愤懑。 Growing tulip bulb is a bewitching fad. 种植郁金香球茎是吸引人的一时的风尚。 Though he is wanting, he is still enamored with writing drab screenplays because it’s lucrative. 尽管他不够格,但他仍然痴迷于写那些单调乏味的剧本,因为这样获利很多。 He had a grudge against the commissioner to adjudicate on legal rights. 他对判决法律权利的委员心怀不满。 He relieved his ennui caused by insomnia by going for a ramble on a gusty afternoon. 在一个有阵风的下午,他通过散步来缓解失眠导致的倦怠。 It’s important to achieve economic arrrangements that vouchsafe peace and permanence 取得使和平和永恒得以保证的经济安排是非常重要的。 The insidious rumor is a kind of lurid insult. 阴险的谣言 是一种骇人的侮辱。 Building a dike close to his plush house is a rigmarole. 在他豪华的房子附近建一个土堤是一个复杂的过程。

It's a pragmatic expedience to prevent the demise of traditional culture He is categorical that the borough council douse the fire by water.


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