Tennis star's retinue pat his divestiture process in pavilion.

Tennis star’s retinue pat his divestiture process in pavilion. 网球明星的随从在运动员更衣室中拍摄他的脱衣过程。 Winsome music star respired deeply and then played the harp 有魅力的音乐明星深呼吸后弹奏了竖琴。 Snoring man hankers after panacea. 打呼噜的男人渴望灵丹妙药。 We have an inkling that the extrovert woman will abnegate racist invective 我们隐约感觉那个外向的女人会放弃种族歧视的咒骂。 Insurgents harangues that vote was rigged. 暴动者鼓动选举作弊了。 He looked down at the recumbent person on serpentine woodland pathway. 他低头看了下躺在曲折的林间小路上的人。 Unwitting victims squelched across the turf and doffed their hats. 不知情的受害者扑哧扑哧地走过草皮并脱下了帽子。 The saturnine manager forced aerospace industry to retrench. 乖戾的经理强迫宇航工业缩减开支。 The ebullient Russian President carouses with his buoyant retinue who tote guns. 热情洋溢的俄国总理与他的性情愉快的配枪随行人员一起饮酒狂欢。 His betrothal gift epitomized his wealth. 订婚礼物是他财富的缩影。 Greenery near the balustrade brighten up my house. 栏杆附近的绿色植物给我的房间增添了一抹绿色。 Sapient boy recaps the points. 聪明的男孩概况了关键点。 I caught a whiff of the scent of lip balm. 我闻到一股润唇膏的气味。 Docile and compliant workers who are conversant with knitting make pullovers. 擅长编织的温顺且顺从的工人制作套头毛衣。 That vicious man has quaffed many glasses of champagne. 凶残的男人痛饮过很多杯香槟。 Teenagers are very sequacious and they often emulate the behavior of their idols who are sometimes negative role models. 青少年非常盲从,经常模仿他们的偶像的行为,而有些偶像却是负面榜样。 The plangent music in film ‘Jyuon’ is whimsical, creepy and macabre. 电影Jyuon中哀婉的音乐非常古怪并令人毛骨悚然。

He is categorical that the borough council douse the fire by water. We are seeking for a sense of belonging in our whole life


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