Turncoats are no longer devout and ingenuous, and we should take an intransigent attitude towards them

Turncoats are no longer devout and ingenuous, and we should take an intransigent attitude towards them. 叛变者不再虔诚和真诚,我们对他们持毫不妥协的态度。 The disheveled lifeguard pointed the signpost. 衣冠不整的救生员指了指路标。 She is an awful spendthrift and often flatters her boss. 她挥金如土,而且经常奉承她的老板。 The decision made by incumbent mayor who is pompous is preposterous and brought vociferous and mordant disagreement. 这个自负的在任市长的决定是极其荒谬的,招致了大声的、尖刻的反对。 The boy used to be a martinet had truanted, was browbeaten into committing crime and became swaggering. We need to inculcate him. 那个曾经是严格遵守纪律的人的男孩逃学了,被威逼去犯罪,变得趾高气昂,我们应该去开导他。 The wily miscreants spluttered in confusion and became penitent during the court day. 在庭审中,那些诡计多端的不法之徒语无伦次,感到忏悔。 The valiant and intrepid man with a high-beaked nose and large protuberant eyes forestalled the bad guy. 那个有着高鼻梁,又大又凸出的眼睛的英勇的、无畏的男人抢先一步阻止了坏人。 A society which is politically quiescent and subservient to an interest is a blight an infelicitous and ominous sign. 政治上不活跃、服从于利益的社会是一个祸根以及不详的、不祥的征兆。 I am no pedant and avoid being dogmatic concerning epithet and writing portentous essays. 我不是书呆子,不想在修饰语上过于教条主义,避免写装腔作势的文章。 That offbeat, portentous and blatant essay makes me feel like a dolt. 那篇标新立异的、装腔作势的、露骨的文章让我觉得我是个笨蛋。 His bearing is indecorous and he often harries me. 他的举动很不得体,他还经常烦扰我。 It’s been bruited around that the CEO with Chinese-American extraction is going to leave the company. 据传那个中美混血的CEO要离开公司。 The shoes were terribly scuffed by his horrible walking habit but he repaired it by this reagent. 鞋因为他糟糕的走路习惯完全磨坏了,但他用这种试剂把鞋修好了。 Though economic climate is dire, the two countries had close and cordial relations. 尽管经济环境很惨淡,但两国之间有着密切友好的关系。 I live in a sedate little village near a rivulet, the weather there is always clement. 我住在小溪旁一个宁静的小村庄里,那里的天气总是很温和。 We stitched incessantly in a stuffy room, and finally we made a resplendent apron. 我们在一个密不透风的房间里没完没了地缝着,最终我们做出了一件华丽的围裙。 I recognized her dulcet tones, and a waft of perfume from her is redolent of the dawn that I flit about New York with her. 我听出了她那美妙的嗓音,而且她身上的一股香水味让我回想起了我跟她在纽约中穿梭的那个黎明。 mismatch between the detritus of war and the verdant garden. 战争留下的断壁残垣与那个长满绿色植物的小花园之间的不协调。 The common interests are the nexus between friends. 共同爱好是朋友间的联节。 Though not interdicted by law, such an action is morally wrong. 尽管这种行为不被法律所禁止,但是道德上来说是不对的。 There was one caveat: Beige emollient is innocuous. 有一点需要预先声明:浅褐色的润肤剂是无害的。 The pundits posit he manumitted all salves. 专家假定他解放了所有奴隶。 Rationing puts an end to a surfeit of oil. 定量供应结束了燃油过剩的状况。 His distraught parents were being comforted by relatives. 亲戚们正在安慰他那心急如焚的父母。 He is a pliant, foolhardy but aspirant boy, so we shouldn’t cosset him. 他是一个易受影响的,鲁莽的,但有抱负的男孩,我们不应该溺爱他。 a man who had refused after torture to recant his heresy. 受严刑折磨后仍拒绝放弃其异教信仰的人 Apple is a brand that carries a cachet, however, whetting customers’ appetites for the new iPhone is still crucial for Apple. 苹果是一个代表一种威望的品牌,但是对于苹果公司而言,激发用户对新iPhone的欲望仍然是至关重要的。 I like spicy foods, since they are piquant and appetizing. 我喜欢辣的食物,因为它们辛辣适口还很开胃。 It helps them to unwind after a busy day at work. 这有助于他们忙碌一天后放松自己。 Suitable sycophantic blandishment is sometimes necessary. 适当的奉承的奉承有时是必要的。 Collating the two menu, we found that there were a lot of differences. 对比两张菜单我们发现了很多不同之处 Success, however, remained elusive for her. 成功对她来说仍然难以获得。 You should decant the liquid into the receptacle carefully in case that it splashes anywhere. 你应当小心的导入容器,以免飞溅。 It behooves us to explain this phenomenon, the eerie green glow in the sky. 我们理应解释天空中诡异的绿光这种现象。 We are generally very conscientious about our work. 我们普遍对工作都非常勤勉认真。 Her arrogance and surly language has disenchanted many of her former admirers. 她的高傲和粗暴的语言让追求过她的许多人都已不再迷恋她了. Never consign your life to anyone. 永远别把自己的命运交给任何人。 The underpinning of the apron is due for an overhaul. 停机坪的地基需要彻底检修了。 The flowers’ wilting makes the alone old woman feel lonely. 花的枯萎让独居的老人感到孤独。

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