Summary and Analysis Based on Reports from VOA Tanzania is struggling with a time bomb.Since that more than of people in Tanzania are under 17 and the poorly developing techniques and economy can’t provide more food and opportunities in the future,Tanzania is facing a ticking bomb.

Summary and Analysis Based on Reports from VOA Obama addressed the 2015 Sustainable Development Summit,Sunday,Sept.27,2015,at United Nations headquarters.When it comes to eradicating extreme poverty around the world,we have made many achievements over the past 15 years.Under the framework of Millennium Development Goals established in 2000,the world came together in the unprecedented effort.The global hunger rate already has been slashed.Tens of millions of more boys and girls are today in school.Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases have saved nearly 60 million lives.The number of people living in extreme poverty and rate of children dying before their fifth birthday have declined by more than a half.Though,we can take pride in what we have accomplished,we can not be complacent.Obama said,”when 11 boys and girls die every single minute from preventable causes,we should know we have more work to do.”Nowadays,coupled with rising seas,more intense droughts and shortages of food and water is the fact that the world’s poorest people are saddled with the heaviest burden.The income and gender equality,corruptions,and many other obstacles still persist.Hence,we need to establish the tools and financing to help developing nations embrace clean energy, adapt to climate change, and ensure that there is not a false choice between economic development and the best practices that can save our planet.

Summary and Analysis Based on Reports from VOA. Chinese president Xi Jinping is on his first state visit to US and the Chinese leader spent his first two days meeting the leaders of the America’s largest tech firms including Apple,Amazon,Facebook and Microsoft.Before this event,tensions between US and China have been on rise over the hacking attacks.But Beijing has repeatedly denied any involvement with hacking attacks,responding in turn that it has been a victim of data theft from hackers in US. While talking in Seattle,the leaders of tech firms told Xi of many challenges of doing business in China,such as the mandatory data and technology sharing,reverse-engineering and controlled expression.Though there are many troubles,these technique giants still want to do business with China,since China and the United States account for one-third of the world economy and one quarter of the world population,nobody is willing to give up that big market. Xi has said at a banquet with these leaders that China did not engage in any commercial theft and would not.He also promised that Chinese government would build greater trust and cooperation between two countries in both public and private spheres.However,some analysts believe that Beijing has a long way to go before US officials will consider them a trusted partner in the cyberspace. More thriving economy,more opening market and stronger national power means more responsibilities,more opportunities and better citizens’ daily life,I wish.

Summary and Analysis Based on Reports from Reuters. A small group of people from Reuters have given their predictions of Nobel Prizes winners recently,and this group has accurately identified more nearly 40 scientists who became the Nobel laureates.Their anticipations are based on the citations which could mirror a study’s influence and scientist’s reputation.Since the Nobel Prizes nominations come from the past winners and prestigious scientists,influence and reputation really count. Here are their predictions. Among the predicted winners for the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry are two people who developed the CRISPR-Cas9 method for genome editing.One of them come from Germany and the other one is from University of California,Berkeley.This method could assist us to modify any part of our genes freely,and such a technique has ignited patent battles and fierce debates over ethic. For the Nobel in medicine,they picked Kazutoshi Mori of Kyoto University and Peter Walter of the University of California,San Francisco.They found out a mechanism which acts as a quality controller inside cells to decided whether a damaged cell live or die. This group also picked other contenders - Alexander Rudensky of Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center, Dr. Shimon Sakaguchi of Osaka University, and Ethan Shevach ofthe National Institutes of Health - for discoveries relating to T cells and function of Foxp3. Biotechnology is a hotspot among scientific subjects,and I believe that biotechnology could enable us to live a better life though disputes and ethical problems haunt us.And,it’s a remarkable fact that all the predicted scientists come from US,Japan and Germany.

Summarize and Analyse Based on Reports from Reuters. Apple has released the next generation of iPhone and they would appear in the market in few weeks.But many consumers in China couldn’t wait that long,and some people prefer to get new iPhones before they are saturated in the market,even they may pay twice as much as the official price.Under such a circumstance,in China’s southern boomtown Shenzhen,more than 30 stores carrying Apple’s iconic peddle pre-orders for the new iPhone.What’s more,in the market nearby the bustling street where the fake Apple stores are located,cottage industry offering fake Apple’s logos,uniforms,shopping bags and display shelves have been spawned. Some Chinese people even believe that iPhone is a status symbol,they buy cellphones for conspicuous intentions,not to use.That’s really ridiculous.

Summarize and Analyse Based on Reports from Reuters. Apple has been suffering the largest scale breach.It is because that many iOS App developers,especially Chinese developers, use the unofficial AppleKit Xcode which were downloaded from third-party sources.The Xcode downloaded from untrusted sources has been modified and inserted malicious code which could probe the users’ private information.The reason why so many developers didn’t download Xcode from official App Store is because that the downloading speed in some countries including China is unbearable slow.Apple has given the solutions and they will offer domestic downloads within China. China has become the Apple’s second largest market……


8421码即自然BCD码 0000-1001(对应数字0-9)为有效码 1010-1111为禁用(无效)码 2421BCD码具有反射特性,自动产生进位信号 余3循环码为一种无权码、错误最小化码(相邻码仅改变1bit) 必须都是4bit表示一数据

2.格雷码(Grey Code)

一种无权码、错误最小化码 可由二进制码首位相同,其余位两位XOR得到


奇偶校验码-单向单错检验 汉明距离为1 增加一个监督码元,使得1总为偶数个或奇数个 汉明纠错码 若汉明距离大于等于3 则可纠错 Keywords: BCD码 格雷码 奇偶校验码 汉明距离 ASCII码(美国标准信息交换码)

There’s a rhythm in rush these days Where the lights don’t move and the colors don’t fade Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams In a world gone shallow In a world gone lean Sometimes there’s things a man cannot know Gears won’t turn and the leaves won’t grow There’s no place to run and no gasoline Engine won’t turn And the train won’t leave Engines won’t turn and the train won’t leave I will stay with you tonight Hold you close ‘til the morning light In the morning watch a new day rise We’ll do whatever just to stay alive We’ll do whatever just to stay alive the way I feel is the way I write It isn’t like the thoughts of the man who lies There is a truth and it’s on our side Dawn is coming Open your eyes Look into the sun as the new days rise And I will wait for you tonight You’re here forever and you’re by my side I’ve been waiting all my life To feel your heart as it’s keeping time We’ll do whatever just to stay alive Dawn is coming Open your eyes Dawn is coming Open your eyes Dawn is coming Open your eyes Dawn is coming Open your eyes Look into the sun as the new days rise There’s a rhythm in rush these days Where the lights don’t move and the colors don’t fade Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams In a world gone shallow In a world gone lean But there is a truth and it’s on our side Dawn is coming open your eyes Look into the sun as a new days rise

(1)数值数据的表示 我们把一个数在计算机内被表示的二进制形式称为机器数,该数称为这个机器数的真值。机器数有固定的位数,具体是多少位与机器有关,通常是8位或16位。机器数把真值的符号数字化,通常用最高位表示符号,0表示正,1表示负。例如,假设机器数为8位,最高位是符号位,那么在定点整数的情况下,00101110和10010011的真值分别为十进制数+46和-19。 (2)原码: 一个整数的原码是指:符号位用0或1表示,0表示正,1表示负,数值部分就是该整数的绝对值的二进制表示。 例如:假设机器数的位数是8,那么:[+17]原=00010001 [-39]原=10100111 值得注意的是,由于所以数0的原码不唯一,有“正零”和“负零”之分。 (2)反码 在反码的表示中,正数的表示方法与原码相同;负数的反码是把其原码除符号位以外的各位取反(即0变1,1变0)。通常,用[X]反表示X的反码。例如: [+45]反 = [+45]原 = 00101101 [-32]原 = 10100000 [-32]反 = 11011111 (3)补码 在补码的表示中,正数的表示方法与原码相同;负数的补码在其反码的最低有效位上加1。通常用[X]补表示X的补码。例如: [+14]补 = 10100100 [-36]反 = 11011011 [-36]补 = 11011100 注意:数0的补码的表示是唯一的,即[0]补=[+0]补=[-0]补=00000000 现在我们来看看引进原码、反码与补码这几个概念到底有什么意义。先看下面的例子。例如:X = 52,Y = 38,求X – Y的值。 [X]补 = 00110100 [-Y]原 = 10100110 [-Y]反 = 11011001 [-Y]补 = 11011010 现在我们看看[X]补 + [-Y]补 等于多少? [52]补:   0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 [-38]补:+) 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 自然丢失 我们可以看到,最高位丢失后,结果(14)正是52-38的值。从这里我们不难体会到通过补码可以把减法运算变成加法运算来做。这样做有什么意义呢?实事求是地说,引入补码意义非同寻常,可以说是先辈们智慧的结晶。因为,通过补码运算,可以把减法运算变成加法运算;而乘法可以用加法来做,除法可以转变成减法。这样一来,加、减、乘、除四种运算“九九归一”了。这对简化CPU的设计非常有意义,CPU里面只要有一个加法器就可以做算术运算了。

  我在15岁的时候被父母安排独自去一个小镇上学。学校建在小镇外的一大片农田边上。当时只有孤零零的两幢矮楼。宿舍楼的背后是一片乱葬岗。也曾经有过半夜爬起来又惶恐又好奇地偷看下葬的经历。当时在食堂吃第一顿饭的时候我就难以下咽地哭了。每周末回家我都恳求父母给我转学,才从嘴里吐出几个字时,就会被我妈狠狠地打断。被拒绝后总是在星期天傍晚去学校的招手停上嚎啕大哭。然后是每天晚上排队打公用电话,毫无例外的大哭。以至于我一直在学校很出名。这是我在那里的第一年。第二年我开始很少打电话回家,有时候甚至周末也不回去。后来即使在学校里遇到很严重的受威胁的事情,也至今从未告诉过父母。这是我一个人独自面对周围世界的第三年。 后来在上海,一个人找工作,找房子,搬家,渐渐变得都不觉得会是什么委屈的事情了。甚至在和自己的相处里过得非常开心。如果说真有寻找自己名字的一个过程,我想,我在这条路上走的很孤独。我没有任何责怪父母缺失的意思。反而觉得也许这正是适合我的成长方式。 我妈总觉得我是一个狠心的人。在伦敦这一年多,她经常念叨,说我从来都没有想过家。我确实是没有怎么想过家,也没有因为想家而掉过一滴眼泪。我很想和她说,这都是你们教会我的。但又怕她误会伤心。每次就都只能说,我把自己照顾的挺好,学习也挺忙,所以没时间想家。我不知道该如何解释这种感觉。并不是对他们没有感情,只是太多和我心灵相关的片段,我根本记不得他们究竟站在什么位置。以前我爱说但他们从不问,到了如今他们爱问但我从不说。自己能解决的问题,无论外界还是心灵,都自然地避而不谈。虽然这样,但我还是记得自己的名字,也记得回家的路。 如同千与千寻的结尾。我们仿佛还是从来时的路回家,像是只散步了一小会儿。父母并不知道发生过什么。但我们却经历了一段精彩的自我成长。


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